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Oracle Database XE

Oracle Database XE is easy to install. The installation has the following components:

  • Oracle Database XE Server: The Oracle Database XE Server component provides both an Oracle database and tools for managing this database. It also includes the client component of Oracle Database XE, so that you can connect to the database from the same computer on which you installed the server component, and then administer the database and develop Java, .NET, PHP, and Oracle Application Express applications.
  • Oracle Database XE Client: You install the Oracle Database XE client component on remote computers from which you want to connect to Oracle Database XE. Oracle Database Client provides drivers, networking components, and tools that enable you to remotely administer the database and to develop Java, .NET, PHP, and Oracle Application Express applications. Use this installation executable only on remote computers—that is, only on computers on which you do not install Oracle Database XE Server.

You can use the following tools in your Oracle Database XE development environment.

  • PHP: Open-source server-side embedded scripting language designed for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. You can use either of the following PHP products:
    • PHP: Download and install from:

You can install PHP on either Oracle Database XE Server or Oracle Database XE Client.

    • Zend Core for Oracle: Download and install from:

Install Zend Core for Oracle on the same computer on which you installed Oracle Database XE Server. Zend Core for Oracle is not supported on remote computers that use Oracle Database XE Client.

  • Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET: Tightly integrated “Add-in” for Visual Studio .NET that .NET developers can use to design database applications and deploy .NET stored procedures. For more information, including downloads, visit:

Install Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET onto the computer where you install Oracle Database XE Client.

After you install Oracle Database XE, you can manage it by using the Oracle Database XE graphical user interface management console, described in Oracle Database Express Edition 2 Day DBA.

For more information on Oracle Database XE, visit the following Web sites:

  • Oracle Database XE home page on Oracle Technology Network

  • Oracle Database XE Documentation Library

  • Discussion forum

Before you can use the discussion forum, you need to register Oracle Database XE.

Download “Oracle Database XE” OracleXEUniv.exe – Downloaded 100 times – 207 MB

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